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Absolution is playing at St. Luke’s Theatre located at 308 West 46th Street. It runs one hour twenty five minute with no intermission. The show is open-ended run, playing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8, Saturday at 2.

Angelo (Pedro Carmo) is sitting in a bar reading a book. Gabrielle (Katrina Ferguson) approaches him with small talk. He comes across as pompous and arrogant. She is not any better.

Ethan (Ethan Saks) works for Angelo who is interviewing him for a higher position. Angelo attitude to him is superficial. It’s as if he is doing him a big favor. Ethan works hard. He spends more time at work then with his fiancée Marie (Becca Ballenger). She spends time decorating their home. Marie is interested in material things and only the best. Maybe Ben does not love Marie any more.

What happens, who cares. Each character has a dialogue that he address to the audience. They way they talk is snobbish, as if they are talking down to you. The talk is poetic in tone. There is no substance to what they are saying. You as the listener you want to scream “Get to the point”!

One audience member asked me after the show “Could you explain what I just saw?”

The playwright is Christopher B Latro. He is an NYU graduate in History and Journalism. Well I give him an F.

The cast was good.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich