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On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever is playing at the Irish Repertory Theatre located at 132 West 22nd Street. It runs two hours with one intermission. The musical closes on August 12, 2018.

The musical is by Burton Lane (Composer 1912-1997) and Alan Jay Lerner (Book and Lyrics 1918-1986). In 1965 it was nominated for three Tony Awards for Lead Actor, John Cullum, Lead Actress, Barbara Harris and Best Original Score Burton Lan and Alan Jay Lerner. The 2011 revival was nominated for one Tony Award for Lead Actress, Jessie Mueller.

Steve Bogardus was nominated for a Tony Award Love! Valour! Compassion! (1995).

Melissa Errico was nominated for a Tony Award for Amour (2002).

The time is the 1960’s New York and 18th Century England at various places.

Daisy Gamble (Melissa Errico) and her friends Janie Preston (Caitlin Gallougly) and Muriel Bunson (Daisey Hobs)are on her roof of her apartment. Daisy has a way of communicating with her flower that they have such a nice bloom. Daisy is out work. She is desperate for work. But she smokes a lot and wants to quite smoking. Her friends are seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Mark Bruckner (Stephen Bogardus). He’s helping Janie like straight men and Muriel to lose weight.

Dr. Bruckner is intrigued by Daisy. When he hypnotizes her she tells him of her previous life in the late 18th century England as Melinda Wells. He starts taping the sessions. Melinda tells him about a painter Edward Moncrief (John Cudia). She marries but leaves him when she finds out he has had seven lovers during their marriage. Melinda leaves for America but the ship sinks.

His colleague Dr. Conrad (Craig Waletzko) tells him not to tell anyone about her. Especially she has ESP and she is reincarnated. They’ll think he is crazy. Mrs. Wells (Rachael Coloff) is his secretary. She tries to protect from the press. Somehow it gets published in the newspaper. Daisy refuses to see him and she is leaving for a job interview out of state. As she is about to get on the plane she has a premonition that the plane is going to crash.

Daisy keeps hearing Dr. Mark asking to come back to his office. So she does.

This is an enjoyable show.

The cast is stunning. Melissa Errico and Stephen Bogardus do a remarkable performance.

Rachael Coloff, Florrie Bagel and William Bellamy may not be on the stage all the time but when they are they shine.

The scenic design is done by James Morgan. It just has an office table and chair. The back ground changes for different scenes, like a painting. It’s stunning.

This is a must see revival.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

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