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Hot Season

Hot Season is playing at the Sheen Center in the Black Box Theatre located at 18 Bleecker Street. It runs one hour fifty minutes with one intermission. The play closes on June 28, 2014.

Jacob (Michael Satow) and his mother Anne (Heather Lupton Rasche) arrive at their cabin in the woods. Along with them are Jacob's friends Dan (Mike Mihm), his wife Natalie (Kristen Harow) and Maria (Kenze Nothnagel). They are waiting for their friend Rick.

They have come prepared with supplies and food to last a couple of months.

Anne and Jason have not been in the cabin for a long time.

There are hints they are not there for relaxation. Bit by bit we find out they left the city they live in because of an uncontrolled epidemic. There is no cure at least so far. Once you catch it, you don’t live long.

By coming to the cabin they hope to escape the disease. Dan and Jacob have a plan if one of them gets ill. Supplies and food are running out, they have cabin fever and they keep hearing gunshots which are coming closer.

When confronted with the problem of one of them getting ill they can’t go thru with their plan.

I’m not going to tell yow what happens but well you can go see this play, it’s worth it.

The cast is great. They work well with each other. Kenzie Nothnagel is impressive stand offish yuppie.

Ben Williams did an impressive set.

This is the first play in this new theatre. There are two theatres. I hope the rest of the shows they have are as good as this one.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich