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At the Orpheum Theatre,  126 Second Ave and St. Marks Place.

Stomp began in February 1994 at the Orpheum Theatre.  It won an Obie and Drama Desk Award  for most Unique Theatre Experience.

The show has been performing all thru the United States and overseas.  It's still going strong after 17 years.  

It's made up of eight cast members rotating what they do any given night, could be a different actor or a different part.

There are no lines to be said or music to perform at least with normal instruments.

Each skit is different in it's own right.  The sounds could be made by hands, brooms, sand, plastic containers, buckets etc.  I don't want to give all of it away.  It's nice to be surprised as what you can make music with without an instrument.  You'll be amazed.

Ok I'll tell one scene.  They use a sink with water in it.  The sink is around their neck.  They have rubber gloves on using the gloves, drain board, pots and utensils to make sounds.  They end the scene over a bucket to drain the water,  Well it looks like they are doing something else.  

The stage looks like a junk yard.  Hub caps, street signs, large plastic containers surround you.  Everything there is used to create some sort of sound. 

Jason Mills is the leader, he encourages the audience to follow his clapping, you wonder how he can keep it up, he's so good.

The facial expressions on the cast are great especially from Alan Asuncion and Keith Middleton.

The night I saw the show the cast was outstanding.  This is a must see show that does not seem to be running out of steam.  For something different to do but in a good way go see "Stomp".

Review by Rozanna Radakovich. 

Photos by Annazor




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