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The Lyons

Playing at the Vineyard Theatre at 108 East 15th Street. It has been extended until November 20, 2011 

The first act takes place in a hospital room.  Ben Lyons (Dick Latessa) is dying of cancer.  His wife of forty years Rita Lyons is at his bedside. She's not much comfort, being more concerned on how she is going to redo the living room after her husband is dead.  Every other word out of Ben's mouth is a curse word.  

They haven't told their children  that their father has cancer.  Since his cancer has spread they tell them in the hospital that it's just a matter of days.

The daughter Lisa Lyons (Kate Jennings Grant) is a recovering alcoholic.  Their son Curtis Lyons (Michael Esper) is gay. 

Secrets, lies and hurt feelings come out.  This is one messed up family.

The second act is made up of three parts. The first is the daughter at an AA meeting spilling her life out.  Second is the son looking an an apartment with a relator that he had a crush on that he makes a move on.  Who then beats him up.  Last is the son in the hospital as a patient.  His father has passed away.  The family falls apart.

The cast works well together.

Linda Lavin gives a stellar performance of a women in a marriage she doesn't want to be in but doesn't know how to get out.  Though sometimes she exaggerated her facial expressions which I found annoying.

Dick Latessa is solid as the man dying and the only way to get back is to lash out at everyone.

Kate Jennings Grant scene at the AA meeting is touching and heartbreaking. 

Mark Esper, Brenda Pressley (nurse) and Gregory Wooddell (relator) round out the cast.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich. 

Photos by Annazor  


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