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Anything Goes

Opened at the Stephen Sodheim Theatre on April 7, 2011 and runs until July 31, 2011. The musical has been extended until April 29, 2012.

The musical was written in 1934 by Cole Porter. It debut at the The Alvin Theatre (now know as the Neil SimonTheatre) on November 21, 1934. It ran 420 performances and was the fourth longest musical of the 1930's. The cast consisted of Ethel Merman (Reno), William Gaxton (Billy) and Victor Moore (Moonface Martin). Two movies were made of the muscial in 1936 and 1956. A revival opened on October 19, 1987 at the Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center. The cast of Patti LaPone (Reno), Howard MeGillion (Blly Martin), and Bill McCutcheon (Moonface Martin). It won a Tony for Best Choreography, Best Actor Bill McCutcheon and a Drama Desk Award for Best Revival, Best Acress Patti LaPone and Best Choreography.

The revival of 2011 stars Sutton Foster as Reno.She won a Tony for Throughly Modern Millie. Colin Donell play Billy and Joel Gray as Moonface Martin. Mr Gray has the honor of being one of eight actors to have won a Tony and Academy Award for the same role. He won for Cabaret.

Billy meets his boss at a bar. Elisha Whitney (John McMartin) is going to London on a cruise ship. Billy brings him all the things he needs except his passport, which he said he'll bring to the ship before it sails. Elisha is a rich inebriated "Yale" alumni who tells Billy he has to stay to sell some stock he owns that he heard was going to tank.

The lounge singer Reno Sweeney confesses her love for Billy, who tells her he is love with someone else.

When Billy gets to the ship his love Hope Harcourt ( Laura Osnes) and her mother Evelyn Harcourt (Jessica Walter) are on th ship the girl he loves Hope Harcourt (Laura Osnes) and her mother Evelyn Hartcourt (Jessica Walter) are on the ship. Hope betrothed Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Adam Godley) is there too. Mrs insists that Hope marry the lord as he is very rich. Billy decides hes staying on the ship even though he doesn't have ticket

Reno, Moonface Martin (Joel Gray) and The Captain (Walter Charles) are among the characters on the ship who's lifes intertwine.

The Captain is looking for a celebrity to make his ship the hit of the high seas, Moonface Martin a second rate gangster running from the law and Reno the lounge singer who's looking for love.Each of their lives cross each others path.

The large cast works well together.

I wish i could have seen the 1934 and 1987 revival but I'm sure glad i did not miss this one. Cole Porters music will never go out of style. Songs such as "I Get A Kick Out Of you" and " Your Are The Top" still have a kick to them.

Sutton Foster has a great voice. She belts out a song i'm sure Cole porter would be proud of. She's a great Reno.

Colin and Laura work well as couple in love.

Joel Gray has a great stage presence. His comic timing and facial expressions go hand in hand. He has only two solo songs which he talks. Given his age his dance steps are limited.

The set is well done.The main being the cruise ship, rooms come and go. Derek McLane is the scencic designer. He has worked on the sets of How To Suceed and Bengel Tiger. He has won a Tony in 2009 for 33 Variations.

The costumes are done in the style of the 30's elegence. Martin Pakledinaz was nominated for a Tony for the Pajama Game, Lend Me A Tenor and Throughly Modern Millie.

This is one of the best musicals this year.

Review ny Rozanna Radakovich.

John McMartin came out the stage with his hat pulled down over face. When I called his name he refused to stop. When he was in A Free Man Of Color he didn't come out of the stage door. I wonder why some actors won't stop for their fans.

Joel Gray, Sutton Foster and Jessica Walker left by another way. We were told "they had other commitments". It amazes me how some well know actors can be so gracious and others well what what can I say.

Photos by Annazor.

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