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Freud's Last Session

At the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theatre, 10 West 64th Street. On October 7,2011 the show moves to the New World Stages. Located at 340 West 50th Street. It runs one hour and fifteen minutes without intermission.

The story takes place in Sigmund Freud's home in London on September 3, 1939. Two weeks before Freud committed suicide.

Sigmund (Martin Rayner) has invited Clive Staples Lewis (Mark H. Dodd) to his house for a talk. There's speculation that this meeting ever took place.

Dr. Freud at this time has epithelioma cancer . He is in constant pain. Despite this his meeting with C S Lewis is cordial and at times challenging. It's war time and the men are on edge. Each man defying the other man's theories and beliefs.

The play is believable that two men met. Martin is excellent as Sigmund Freud. He's convincing that he is a man in pain barely holding on. Mark holds his own conveying the characters struggling with his own beliefs.

Both actors work well with other.

The set is by Brian Prather. There are urns from ancient Egypt around the office. Which is funny because Freud ashes are in an ancient Greek urn that he received from Marie Bonaparte.

The play was to run for 14 days in the Berkshires. The cast is surprised they have done 505 performances. Mark and Martin have been with the show since the started.

Producer Carolyn Rossi Copeland implied that as long as the show is selling tickets it will continue to run.

Review ny Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor

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