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Perfect Crime

At the Snapple Theatre Center located at 1627 Broadway at 50th Street. This play opened on April 18, 1987 and as of February 12, 2012 it has done 10,158 performances. In April it will celebrate it's 25th anniversary. It is the longest running off Broadway play. It runs one hour and fifty five minutes with one intermission.

This is a well thought out murder mystery of who committed a crime and why?

It keeps you guessing. What you guess in the first act may not be what you guess in the second. Or maybe it is. It all come together in the second act.

The cast consists of four characters in the play. Margaret Thorne Brent (Catherine Russell) a psychiatrist. Inspector James Ascher (Richard Shoberg) the law. W Harrison Brent (John Hillner) Margaret's husband and a psychiatrist. Lionel McAuley (George McDaniel) a patient of Margaret's. There other characters but are not seen though one is seen on the television on the stage.

A crime has been committed but you don't know if what you have seen is real or not or at least you thought it was. That is about all I'm telling otherwise I might give something away.

This is a wit thinking puzzle of a mystery. If you like puzzles or mystery's this is the play for you.

At least if your confused about any thing they give you a "Perfect Crime Answer Key". These sheets answer any questions you may have about what happened.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor

The play celebrated it's 25th anniversary on April 18, 2012. If you haven't seen it once you have missed out. It's even better the second around. 

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