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Playing at the Union Square Theatre at 100 East 17th Street. Traces opened on July 2011 and has an open run.

While you are waiting for the show to start the bare wall in front of you is showing the audience coming into the theatre. When the children see the recording device they ham it up and won't leave the lobby. There is a four minute delay before we see this happen. I was told an adult the night before stood there for five minutes entertaining every one.

There is a canvas covering back stage wall, wooden chairs and a worn out barely recognizable piano and two poles are on the stage.

There is no story per say. Little skits with a word or two said or a look is given.

It combines acrobatics, music and dance to entertain and that is what it does. The cast movements are amazing. There is such rhythm, harmony and talent it takes your breath away. I wonder how they have the strength to move after the show. "Their Young". But still they put alot of work into what they are doing.

In one scene Valerie Benoit-Charbonneau is reading in a chair which tumbles and turns with such grace. In another the "Artists" are climbing a pole or jumping thru hoops. A mike from the ceiling comes down and each "Artist" tells his name, date of birth and an adjective to describe himself. Then they swing the mike to another cast member barely missing them.

The whole cast works well together and so they should. This is not your typical on or off Broadway show, BUT its enjoyable to watch and worth seeing.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor

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