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Old Jews Telling Jokes

Playing at The West Side Theatre located at 407 West 43rd Street. It runs one hour thirty minutes without an intermission. This play is an open ended run.

The shows consists of five actors telling jokes. Some are sung, others are spoken. There are skits and other jokes are just presented directly to the audience.

Most of the jokes are ones that have been around for years. Whether they are old or new you will have a good laugh.

A man tell his wife that this is last day on earth. Can we make love all evening? She replies that's find for you but I have to get up in the morning. OK it sounds better in person. But it was funny.

There is no set per say. A giant matzo is in the back ground. A flat screen is in the center on a pole, which is used for visual effects. The only furniture is a three piece couch which come and goes.

Marlyn Sokol stands out with her Jewish accent and facial expressions. She is hysterical.

If you like jokes and could use a good laugh go see this show.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.




Photos by Annazor.

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