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Mary Broome

At the Mint Theater Company located at 311 West 43rd Street, third floor. The show runs one hour fifty minutes with one intermission. The show is scheduled to run until to October 14, 2012.

Mary Broome premiere in 1911 at the Manchester Gaiety Theatre. The play then moved to London. There was only one New York production in 1919 at the Neighborhood Playhouse on Grand Street.

There are four acts in the play. Act 1 "The drawing room of the Timbrell home." Act 2 "The same, nearly a year later Christmas eve". Act 3 "A few months later". Act 4 "The Timbrell drawing room, two months later".

Mary Broome (Janie Brookshire) is a house maid at the home of Edward Timbrell (Graemer Malcolm) and his wife (Kristin Griffith).

The opening scene Edgar Timbrell (Rod Brogran), his finance Shelia Ray (Julie Jesneck) and Edgar sister Ada (Katie Fabe) are making plans for Edger and Shelia Ray wedding.

Edgar's brother Leonard (Roderick Hill) is the best man. He has no money and depends on his family for money.

Mary reveals that she is pregnant with Leonard's child.

His father makes him do the right thing and marry Mary. But at a cost. If he doesn't he will cut off all income to him.

The story proceeds as to the consequences to this action. Doing what is right isn't necessarily right thing to do.

There are portraits around the family room. In the third act all the portraits are of the backs of the family. Meaning the family turn there back on Mary and Leonard.

This is a well done play. Third and fourth acts are the best are the best. The only thing that annoyed me was sometimes Janie facial expressions seem to me to be over done.

If you like period pieces you will like this play.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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