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The Rap Guide To Evolution

The Rap Guide To Evolution

At the Soho Play House 15 Vandam Street. It is running until October 31, 2011. But will run until the end of December if ticket sales are good. It runs for one hour and twenty minutes with no intermission.

You wonder how a white Canadian man, a scholar with a Masters Degree in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature would do rap.

Baba Brinkman does it well in this enjoyable, rap singing history lesson of the evolution of rap thru Charles Darwin theories.

This is a witty, funny, thought thinking show. Even if you not a rap fan you'll still enjoy this production.

It was fun watching the screen behind Baba convey the thing he was saying.

Jamie Simmonds the DJ added facial expressions to what Baba said.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor

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