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This show is in a tent at 265 West 45th Street. It opened on May 31, 2012 and runs until September 2, 2012. It runs one hour thirty minutes with no intermission

Spiegelworld is a traveling circus, know for it's adult and sexy productions, with a combination of circus, burlesque, good music and cabaret style singing.

It first opened in 2006 on South Street Seaport Pier 17 in New York City. The show was "Absinthe". In 2007 the show returned with "La Vie". For the first time in 2008 the show featured two Spiegeltents and three shows.

You feel like you are inside a tent. Part of the cast comes out in the beginning of the show and circles the stage holding signs saying such things as donate money for school.

The circus acts are amazing and well executed. They are breathtaking. It is astounding how a human body can stretch and bend. One couple on roller skates were a pure delight.

In some skits one of the actresses sings. She has a beautiful voice.

In between the circus acts, skits are done by the Ring Master and his "wife". Most of them are obscence and not funny. I'm not a prude but this kind of humor to me is not funny or called for. One skit the wife has a string hanging from her crotch as if it is a Tampax. Another there are tubes being pulled up on the wife and when they come down she has a new outfit on. This is repeated a couple of times. When it is done to the Ring Master he has no clothes on at all, he's naked. This is the type of skits that go on and on. Why bother telling you more they are all in bad taste.

There are five rows of seats. If you are not in the first two and you have a tall person in front of you chances are you are going to see part of the act from the waist up especially if you are short.

The circus acts are fantastic however the in between are so so.

It depends if you like the so so's (ring master and wife) then this is the show to see other wise save your money and go see something else.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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