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Curvy Widow

Curvy Widow is playing at the Westside Theatre located at 407 West 43rd Street. It runs one hour thirty with no intermission. The musical closes December 31, 2017.

Nancy Opel was nominated for a Tony Award in 2002 for Urinetown.

Bobby Goldman wrote the book. The musical is based on her life after her husband died.

The time is the present in Bobby apartment and other locations.

Bobby (Nancy Opel) and her husband Jim (Ken Land) have been married for over thirty years. When he dies she is heartbroken. She goes to the therapist her husband went to. The Shrink (Alan Muraoka) encourages her to have sex.

Her friends Caroline (Andrea Bianch), Heidi (Elizabeth ward Land) and Joan (Aisha De Haas) encourage her to date.

Bobby meets men from social dating groups on line. We learn how she decides who she will meet. All encounters are a disaster!

The sex goes downhill until she gets the right gynecologist!!! All eighteen of them

Bobby then hooks up with three married men.

The last man Per Se (Christopher Shyer) is separated from his wife when the meet. As the relationship develops he wants Bobby to move in with him. But she doesn’t want to make a commitment.

Ken Land, Alan Muraka and Christopher Shyler play the different men in her life.

The cast is great. The set is cleaver.

I like the musical but yet there is something missing. Maybe it should have been more serious. Or just maybe Bobby just was making fun of a women at 55 that finds herself a widow. A woman of a different generation trying to get into the grove.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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