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Is playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre located at 243 West 47th Street. It runs two hours thirty minutes with one intermission. It is an open ended show.

The musical played at the LaJolla Playhouse in San Diego, California. It ran in 2010 under the name "Limelight".

The show was written by Thomas Meehan. He won a Tony for Best Book of a Musical for "Annie" (1977), "The Producers" (2001) and "Hairspray" (2003).

Christopher Curtis wrote the Music & Lyrics and Book. He received a Best Musical award for its run at the LaJolla Theatre.

The musical is the biography of Charlie Chaplin.

Act One takes place in London from 1894-1913 and Hollywood 1913-1925. Act Two takes place in Hollywood 1925-1972.

There flash backs on his childhood. His father Charlie Sr. was an alcoholic and womanizer. Charlies mother Hannah was a performer. She had a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized. Other scenes are about his life in Hollywood and the women in is life.

Charlie made his name in Hollywood. Whether the facts about him are true does not matter. It's all here say now.

This is a very entertaining show.

The set is minimal. The back of the stage is painted black. Props come and go to set the time and place. The scenic design is by Beowulf Borrit. He was nominated for a Tony for "Scottsboro Boys".

In the opening the stage curtain has a picture of Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp It comes alive as a black and white silent film. The technique is used throughout the show and works.

The costumes are fantastic. They were done by Amy Clark. This is her Broadway debut. The quirky thing about the costumes are they are all done in black, white or gray. It gives you the feeling that you are watching a black and white film. The only color was a red flower.

The cast works so well together. Rob McClure as Chaplin does him proud. He does an excellent job both acting and singing. Jenn Colella as Hedda Hopper is so good and so convincing in her role. You like to shout out you b--ch leave him alone. You can guess the word. Christiane Noll as Charlies mother does a great job. Zachary Unger as young Charlie is well suited for his role. He does not steal the scene but adds substance to it.

The songs I would love to hear more of are "All Falls Down" sung by Jenn Colella and "Where Are All The People" sung by Rob McClure. "Wow" are they good.

No matter how old you are, you have heard about Charlie Chaplin. This show is so well done you want to learn more of the man and his work. I did.

Don't miss the opportunity to see this outstanding production. The audience like it and so did I.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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