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My Brilliant Divorce

My Brilliant Divorce is playing at the New Ohio Theatre located at 154 Christopher Street. It runs ninety minutes with no intermission. The play closes on April 8, 2018.

The play debuted in the New York region at the Bay Street Theater in 2012 starring Polly Draper. The play received an Olivier Award nomination for best play. It has been produced in 28 countries.

Melissa Gilbert played Laura Ingalls in Little House in the Prairie from 1974-1984.

Rachael Lipsky Haringan marries an Englishman and moves to London where he is from. Life is good so she think’s. They have a eighteen year old daughter. She thought he was going on business trips but he had set up an apartment with his Argentina mistress “Rosa the Posa”. He asks her for a divorce. The daughter knew about it and is moving out to live with her boyfriend. All she is left with is the dog Axl. She hopes he will come back. We go thru her coping with the divorce and what happens. Her mother is no help. She tells her she should have married a nice Jewish boy.

After two years she signs the divorce papers. She gets nothing except a house with a mortgage.

Some of the things that she goes thru she tries to kill herself, she comes up with diseases that she is sure she has and the doctors tell her otherwise. A friend hooks her up with date. The sex goes bad. Her doctor recommends she get a vibrator. Coming out of the sex store she meets every one she knows. I could go on but why spoil it.

After three years she comes to terms that she is a free woman. She then decides to go a trip to Wales.

Melissa Gilbert mesmerizes you from start to finish. She does an amazing job doing several different characters besides Rachael. There are voices we hear like her mother.

The stage is fairly bare except for a few props like the dog and ottomans (with props inside) a phone and a scoter.

Don’t let it deter you that it is an off off Broadway play. I was surprised and delighted on what a wonderful one women play this was.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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