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America's Favorite Newscaster

America’s Favorite Newscaster is playing at the Theater For The New City located at 155 First Avenue. It runs two hours with one intermission. The musical closes on January 28, 2018.

Evan Fury (Isaac Miller) is the shining star at the most view news broadcast on television. He has won three Primetime Emmys. But his home life has suffered from this. His wife Cheryl (Alexandre Schwartz) is pregnant. She has thrown him out of the house with stipulations. Specifically spend more time at home. Evan finally decides his wife and child to be are more important. Meanwhile his bosses at the station Richard (Matt Gorsk) and Fred (Robert Homeyer) give him three weeks off saying he will be back. If not they will send him the fan mail they have received when the public heard he was leaving. They figured that would bring him back.

When he is sleeping he has nightmares about the President (David O. Friedman) with his blonde hair. He won’t mention his name on air just Mr. President. This infuriates the president because of it.

Evan and his wife go on vacation. They return to a big bag of fan mail. Evan decides to go back to work with less hours at the station and fewer times away.

The musical has potential but as is it fell flat. It would have been better as a play. The musical numbers and dancing routines did nothing for the show.

Alexander Schwartz and Gabriella Sarrubbo (she was a girl at the bar) did an impressive performance.

Marc Marcante is the set designer and director. He did a nice job with the set.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

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