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Red Roses, Green Gold

Red Roses, Green Gold is playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre located at 18 Minetta Lane. It runs two hours fifteen minutes with one intermission. The musical closes on March 18, 2018.

Songs are by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. Jerry is known for his work with the Grateful Dead in the 1960’s. Robert Hunter has worked with the Grateful Dead and collaborated with Bob Dylan.

The play takes place “once upon a time in the Palace Saloon and Mining Company Cumberland, U. S. A.”.

Jackson Jones (Scott Wafefield) owns the saloon. He loves to gamble and so does his son Mick Jones (Michael Viruet). Mick gambles and loses so much he steals from his father to have money. His sister Melinda Jones (Natalie Storrs) works at the saloon.

It’s a big day; Mick is becoming engaged to Bertha Marie (Debbie Christine Tjong). Jackson girlfriend of twenty years Miss Glendine (Maggie Hollinbeck)is thrilled.

Live music is played at the saloon. Jessup McElroy (Michael McCoy Reilly) plays drums and Dudley McElroy (Brian Russell) plays piano, among the other instruments he plays.

Jessup splits after a game that he owes money. He steals all that he can from his father.

While he is gone Liam Alexander (David Park) comes back to town. Molina and Liam were friends when they were younger. Liam is a lawyer.

Jackson is about to lose the bar. He comes up with a scheme to get Jessup back. He’s been gone over a year.

There are twists and turns to the plot but they are easy to follow.

The whole cast play multi instruments. The cast is outstanding. Natalie Storrs has a beautiful voice.

Brian Russell Carey and Michael McCoy Reilly play two different roles.

Rachael Klein does a remarkable job as both director and choreographer.

The set is the best I have seen for an off off Broadway show. There are a lot of details. Robert Andrew Kovach is the scenic designer.

Asta Bennie Hostetter costumes were impressive. Scott Wakenfield’s costumes blew me away.

Put this all together and you have an enjoyable, foot stomping show.

The only downer is there is no list of the song names or who wrote them. There a six people wrote the music and lyrics.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

To read a candid interview with the cast, scroll down to the left for photos. Click on photos for this and other shows.

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