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Desperate Measures

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Desperate Measures is playing at The York Theatre Company at St. Peter’s located at 619 Lexington Avenue. It runs two hours fifteen minutes with one intermission. The musical closes on October 15, 2017.

The musical premiered at the Lyric Stage in Irving, Texas on May 1, 2004. It was first produced in New York at the New York Music Theatre festival on November 2006 at the 45th Street Theatre.

It is based loosely on William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

The setting is late 1800’s, the place somewhere out West.

Johnny Blood (Connor Ryan) is in jail. He is about to be hung. Johnny killed someone in self-defense. The two men were involved with Bella Rose (Lauren Mouna), a prostitute at a saloon.

The Governor Von Richderhenkepflichtgetruer(Nick Wyman) won’t give him a pardon.

The Sheriff Green (Peter Saide) approaches Johnny’s sister. He asks Susanna (Sister Mary Jo) (Emma Degerstedt) to plead with the governor to pardon her brother. She is a nun and is about to take her final vows. Susanna hasn’t seen her brother in a long time and is not thrilled about going but does.

However the governor will only pardon her brother if she has sex with him. Of course she won’t or will she? The sheriff comes up with an idea on how to get around it.

I’m not spoiling the rest of this delightful, uplifting, funny musical.

The cast comes down the center holding conversation with each other.

The songs are enjoyable. Great set, simple but wonderful with sign that come down telling you were you are.

The cast is wonderful. Conor Ryan, Peter Saide and Lauren Mlina have beautiful voices. Emma Degerstedt and Gary Marachek expressions are enjoyable to watch. They are that good. Nick Wyman voice and acting is outstanding.

Put it all together you have one awesome musical that should not be missed. You will leave the theatre with a smile on your face.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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