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Camp Wanatachi: In Concert

Camp Wanatachi: In Concert was part of the New York Musical Festival. It was performed at the Green Room 42 @ Yotel located at 570 Tenth Avenue. There were four shows from July 30, 2017 to August 1, 2017.

The musical takes place at a girl’s Christian summer camp. Where virtue is instilled into them or is it?

Corky (Sami Gayle) is in charge of the girls. She tells then there will be activities like fencing. The winner will get a gold feather. At the end of the summer the girl with the most feathers will be crowned as Queen of the camp.

Jana (Marissa O’Donnell) and Lauren (Keaton Whittaker) are best friends. Daisy (Remy Zaken) is the outcast. She wears dark lipstick and eye makeup.

Joel (Travis Artz) is in charge of the boys, at the boy’s Christian camp. He knows Corky. They are attracted to each other.

The last person to arrive is Titi (Jillian Mueller). She has loose morals concerning sex.

Tribe (Hannah Delmonte) and Tribe (Liz Byrne) are the rest of the girls at camp that we meet.

We spend the summer at the camp with prayer meetings and other activities.

It is a fun musical. There are no set. The band is on stage. The only thing that hinders this delightful musical was sometimes you could not hear the words they were singing over the music.

Marissa O’Donnell and Jullian Mueller have beautiful voices.

Hannah Delmonte movements were so graceful it was a delight to watch. She made it look so easy.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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