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Neurosis The Musical is playing at DR2 Theatre located at 103 East 15th Street. It runs one hour forty five minutes with one intermission. The musical closes in October 7, 2018.

Frank (Kevin Zak) is at the post office. The postman (Ian Michael Stuart) gives him a list of options on how to send it. He’s confused, his neurosis (Brennan Caldwell) tell him what do.

Frank is a magician. He works in a magic shop.

He visits his parents Geri (Natalie Charles Ellis) and Kenny (Joel Blum). Frank can do no wrong, so says his mother. She hands him a pile of mail. One of the letters he opens tells him he has been accepted to do his magic trick at a magic show convention. He’s thrilled. When he tells his boss about it, he grabs the invitation and said he’s doing the trick. One thing leads to another and he is fired. He so upset he see a therapist. Samantha (Casey Erin Clark) is one tough therapist. She sings if you don’t think you need a therapist well you do.

When he tells his parents he lost his job his mother is thrilled. She tells him he can now go to law school. Of course he still wants to be a magician.

The other important character is Abby (Jennifer Blood) and her neurosalina (Morgan Weed). Abby just broke up with her boyfriend. She decides she is going to date a Jewish man.

Abby and Frank meet at a bar. They become lovers and fall in love!

When she meets his parents everything is okay until his mother out she’s not Jewish. After that everything goes downhill. They break up. Franks goes back to the therapist.

All along the Neurosis( Frank) and Neurosalina (Abby) have comments to make to there their real self. I’m not telling you what happens.

At first I thought the show was silly but when I realized when the second act started what was happening. I got into the grove. You have to know that neurosis is a mild personality disorder and excessive anxiety or indecision. The characters that follow Frank and Abby are really not there, but in their heads.

The cast was amazing, their voices and dance numbers added to the show. Ian Michael Sturt does several roles without missing beat.

If you want a relaxing, funny musical this is the one to see.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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